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Metaltech Coil Conversion w/ OEM Upper Isolators


Image of Metaltech Coil Conversion w/ OEM Upper Isolators

Metal Tech 4x4 has introduced a complete bolt on rear coil conversion kit for your GX470 to get a true 2" lift with a coil spring and no longer have to deal with leaky air bags. With the Lexus GX470 becoming popular among the off road community, people are looking to put a suspension lift on these very capable 4x4s. The GX470's came with factory air bags in the rear which are prone to leaking over time and can be very expensive to replace. Another problem when a person lifts the front of the GX470, the air bags in the rear have to be at their max ride height to keep a level stance.

The Metal Tech 4x4 Lexus GX470 Rear Coil Conversion Kit solves all these issues by removing the air bags and in place: stock height coil spring or 2-3" lift spring can be put in place. We achieve this by reproducing what Toyota developed for the Toyota, Prado, 4Runner and FJ Cruiser rear suspension setup. First there is a bolt on spring locator that mounts to the axle housing with a polyurethane spring tail isolator that slips over for the bottom of the coil spring to rest on. On top we use the factory Toyota Prado 120 secondary spring isolator that keeps the spring in place and acts a secondary spring when the axle comes in hard contact when coming off a ledge.

This Lexus GX470 rear coil conversion kit is designed to be used for people who want to get rid of their air bags all together and go to a traditional coil spring at factory ride height or for those that are looking to lift the rear end. This is kit is 100% bolt on with no additional modifications required. If your intended purpose to is lift the rear end, you will need to disconnect the ride height control computer that is located in the driver side kick panel and the fuse/relay inside the engine bay.