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KDSS Spacer Kit

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Image of KDSS Spacer Kit
  • Image of KDSS Spacer Kit
  • Image of KDSS Spacer Kit

If you’re lifted, and have wheeled, you have undoubtedly encountered some kdss lean. In the 6 years of working with my 2005 GX470 sport with kdss, I have run into this issue multiple times, and developed this kit to run extended travel rear shocks and help combat kdss lean.


▪️KDSS is a complete system front and rear, that works in tandem. The driver side has an articulating cylinder and the passenger side has a rigid link, connected to the LCA (or axle in rear) via a large sway bar. They work together via hydraulic lines and accumulators that open and close to allow fluid to flow, or not flow, depending on speed. On a stock vehicle this allows for extended wheel travel vs a standard sway bar setup AND sports car type handling at speed.

▪️when you’re vehicle is lifted, the cylinder extends as the vehicle is raised, but the passenger side can’t due to that rigid link. This is what causes your lean.

What we developed, will equalize the pressure in the system via a set of spacers (1 in front, 2 in rear) that are utilized within the KDSS system itself and return the angle of the sway bar back to OEM angles after a lift has been installed. In turn, this will dramatically reduce or eliminate your lean.

Further enhance your KDSS equipped vehicle with EIMKEITH Panhard correction package. This weld on bracket will restore the geometry of your Panhard rod to OEM angles.

These are 6061 aluminum, type III hard coat anodized in black, and supplied with new hardware..

*this may require modification to your factory skid plates

*while we have had fantastic results reducing and eliminating lean, due to the nature of the KDSS system it is still possible to experience some lean. A proper kdss balance and the use of our spacers are the best option for maximizing wheel travel, while minimizing lean.

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